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Average Order Items

Items per Order


The average items per order over the past 12 months.



Compare items per order in your industry or across the network to last month.



Compare items per order in your industry or across the network to the same month last year.

About this data

Items per Order tracks the average number of items purchased within each order. Tracking this metric can provide insight into the performance of a company's up-selling and cross-selling strategies. The Items per Order data is derived from the Salesfire Trends Items per Order Index. This is a normalised dataset which adjusts for fluctuations in sample size and removes any data anomalies to give a real representation of the overall industry change. The current period is measured up to the current day compared with the same time frame in the previous period.

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Average order items MoM

Jun 2023 - May 2024
  • Expansion MoM
  • Contraction MoM
  • Current period MoM

Average order items YoY

Jun 2023 - May 2024
  • Expansion YoY
  • Contraction YoY
  • Current period YoY